Mines of Mishap

Mines of Mishap

Thursday, 28 June 2012


When we were thinking up enemies for the mines I was adamant that we stay away from standard creatures that everyone expects to see. No spiders. No goblins. No bats etc. Turns out I couldn't stick to that for very long and ended up doing my own iterations of them later; BUT
this was the first original creature.

These guys are the main reason the mines have been closed; the reason the player is there in the first place. The bugs are indigenous and not normally a problem at all. They are about the size of your hand and dig holes into the rock. They are harmless and will scurry away if they are startled; nothing more than a nuisance. Due to recent events, they have grown in size and have become very aggressive.

Their head is mostly mouth (for eating grime off the rocks) with 5 eyes, 4 on the front and 1 on the back so they have 360 degree vision. They scurry along on their little legs and use their bigger front ones for digging. They have a corrosive mucus that makes digging holes in the rock much faster and easier.

The main shape of their design comes from the horseshoe crab, which I think is both creepy and awesome at the same time. The rest is just how I thought it would look based off the concept of where it lives and what is function is. And here he is, the humble Minebug. I like him. He's quite of cute in a gross kind of way.

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