Mines of Mishap

Mines of Mishap

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mishap Cliffs

concept sketches

I've been hanging on to the original concept of this for over 10 years. I was playing Baldur's Gate II and first encountered Arie, the winged elf (I'm such a nerd). I remember thinking what a civilisation of winged creatures would look like; and pictured them all living in a city on the side of a cliff like birds.

So when Al approached me with the concept of an iOS dungeon crawler in mine shafts I thought that this would be a good opportunity to use the idea from above.

I scaled it back and sketched out a shanty-like mining town on the side of the cliff, with the mine shafts going straight in. Living on the cliffs is not very comfortable so I figured they'd have a camp or town of some sort on top; thus, the ‘Town of Mishap’ was born. I later refined the Baron's castle to a castle/tower as I fleshed out the story.

I thought it would look cool if the player arrived by ship on a stormy night with a light rain pelting the cliffs and the ship; the only warmth coming from the lanterns on the ship and the lights from the town up above.

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